Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Sanda - Catch Combo Intro

  • 02

    High Roundhouse

    • Catch and Swing

    • Catch and Flip

  • 03

    Roundhouse to Body

    • Catch Roundhouse to Body

  • 04

    Front Kick

    • Lift and Push

  • 05

    Side Thrust Kick

    • Golf Swing

    • Bend Them at Waist

  • 06

    Knee Strikes

    • Counter Throw Against Knee Strikes

  • 07


    • Cross Buttocks to Head and Arm Ride

    • Headlock to Leg Turk

  • 08


    • Standing Double Leg (Sanda Version)

    • Single Leg Pick Up

    • Duck Under Lift and Rotate

  • 09

    Standing Back-take Counters

    • Double Overhook Counter

    • Standing Elbow

  • 10

    Heelhook Tips

    • Extra Details: Stepover Toe Hold Tips


Instructor Bio:

Coach Raul has extensive martial arts training in various styles from sport to self defense. He trained at the home of Catch Wrestling in Wigan, England where he is undefeated in international Catch Wrestling competition. He also trained at Beijing Sports University and became a two-time US national Sanda champion. Coach Raul is a Modern Street Combatives self defense instructor. He has trained in Silat in Indonesia. He competed in international Sumo Wrestling, and Brazilian Juijitsu.

Raul Ramirez

Head Coach