American Lineage Catch Wrestling

Jon Strickland Teaches How to Use Catch Wrestling to Dominate on the Mat

  • Catch Wrestling Perspective on Modern Jiujitsu

    Learn how to approach modern sport Jiujitsu using an authentic Catch Wrestling approach

  • Counter Modern Sport Jiujitsu Attacks

    We discuss the Catch Wrestling perspective to countering Jiujitsu positions such as seated guard, butterfly guard, and turtle

  • Learn Authentic Catch Wrestling

    Learn authentic Catch Wrestling techniques that can give you the advantage over the competition. No low percentage show holds. Learn the real thing!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Instructions for this course
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    • How to take our course
  • 02
    Videos! Jon Strickland Dominate the Ground
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    • Ground Defense Fundamentals
    • Attacking Seated Guard
    • Attacking Turtle

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