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Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Square Stance and Staggered Stance
    • Wigan 2-on-1
    • Snap Down
    • Course Syllabus
  • 02
    Common Standing Positions
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    • Wrist Control: Half Halch
    • Half Halch Pulldown
  • 03
    Arm Drag
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    • Inside Trip
    • Arm Drag to Back Take
  • 04
    Bicep Block
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    • Bicep Block
    • Wigan Single Leg
    • Outside Single Leg
  • 05
    Collar Tie Up
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    • Collar Tie Up
    • Shoulder Roll
    • Duck Under
  • 06
    Over Hook and Collar
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    • Getting Into the Over Hook and Collar Position
    • Cross Buttocks
    • Knee Block
  • 07
    Home Work
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    • Your Turn